Merge video files with one DOS command


One problem with low-cost digital set-top boxes (STBs) that can record digital TV to external storage is that they invariably only support the FAT32 file system. That means the maximum file size you can get, even in theory, is only 4GB. If you’re capturing 1080i (1440×1080-pixel) video, it doesn’t take long to go through 4GB of storage – about half… Read more

Power interrupted – protecting your PC data with an uninterruptible power supply


With the summer months fast approaching, Darren Yates looks at power protection options.
Summer’s just around the corner and that means late afternoon thunderstorms. Now when it comes to protecting your technology, the simplest, cheapest and most guaranteed way to protect against electrical surges caused by lightning is to simply pull the power plugs out of the wall sockets.
However,… Read more

Make your batteries last longer


Darren Yates looks at tips for getting your batteries to live longer.
There’s no doubt about it – whether its notebook, smartphone or tablet, we’re all looking for ways to make our device batteries last longer. While usage patterns are obviously important and simple tricks like keeping wireless adapters off and keeping screen brightness down are important, how you store… Read more

Get your tablet on TV for under $2


Darren Yates shows you how to connect your tablet to your big-screen HDTV for under $2.
Tablets are great for portable, personal use reading books, playing games and watching movies. But a growing number support big-screen TV playback thanks to their HDMI output. The problem is some tablets such as Toshiba’s old AT1S0 don’t include a cable or adapter and… Read more

Fast backup your AVCHD camcorder video to DVD


Darren Yates shows you how to backup AVCHD camcorder footage onto a DVD-R disc and play it in any AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player.
AVCHD camcorders are everywhere thanks to the likes of Panasonic, Sony and Canon. They capture full HD (1080p) video to a special Blu-ray style format on the camera’s storage. But what’s brilliant about this format is that it… Read more

How to use CDs and DVDs on a disc-less PC


Darren Yates looks at how to turn your discs into ISO images for play on your netbook or ultrabook.
Optical disc drives have been steadily becoming more like “optional disc drives” over the last few years as first netbooks and now ultrabooks hit the market without them. But plenty of disc-based software is still used. One way to install disc-based… Read more